Donald Houde, Co-author of 

THE CLOUD computing black book, is aN Information Technology consultant and s.m.e. on cloud computing

finding the answer

Donald Houde and his colleagues at Houde Consulting guide their client partners in evaluating the various types of Cloud deployments and the building blocks of a Cloud environment to determine which, if any, are right for them.

why cloud computing?

The ability of Cloud Computing to provide convenient, on-demand and unlimited computing resources with little or no initial investment and lower operating expenses can be extremely attractive. But it is also surrounded by myths and questions.

a disruptive technology

Organizations must proactively evaluate disruptive technologies and ensure that their IT services are aligned with their vision, strategies and objectives. The Cloud provides agile and elastic allocation, deployment and implementation of IT services while disrupting the status quo. Is this the right solution for you?

Cloud Computing: is it right for you?

Cloud Computing Certification

Donald Houde and Houde Consulting provide Business Management, Cloud Computing, IVV, Executive Leadership, Governance and Information Technology Consulting services.