Donald Houde, President of Houde Consulting

Often described as a thought leader and innovative solutions provider, the depth and breadth of the experience and knowledge of Donald Houde enable him to quickly grasp the larger context of each assignment, giving his clients scalable solutions, pertinent to all levels from the immediate need to the larger, enterprise-wide implications and considerations.

Donald Houde, president of Houde Consulting, is a business management consultant in such fields as idea implementation, big data analytics, master data managementgovernance, executive leadership, IV&V, security, risk management and many other areas.  He has helped businesses and organizations in several disciplines, such as:
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Health Care
  • Credit Card
  • Telecommunications
  • Finance
  • Agriculture
  • Science and Engineering
  • Professional Sports



Cloud Computing Certification

He approaches his engagements with a sensitivity to the needs of all stakeholders as well as a precise understanding of the assigned mission. With his mentoring leadership and clear-minded strategies and tactics, he has repeatedly improved the efficiency, profits, growth and management of his client entities, who often express their appreciation for his diplomatic style.


Donald Houde is also generous with his personal time, having volunteered his skills to Salvation Army programs, the Humane Society, the Sandra Day O'Connor House, as a coach in high school basketball, volleyball, soccer and football, as a lifeguard and as a Master Gardener. He is also an accomplished athlete, an avid bicyclist and a marathoner, having completed 54 marathons and several triathlons, including Ironman.

Donald Houde and Houde Consulting provide Business Management, Cloud Computing, IVV, Executive Leadership, Governance and Information Technology Consulting services.